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Witness Encounters of the ex-Jehovah’s Witness kind

The other day I was checking out a local used store that sometimes has good used religious books. This day was an interesting day cause I noticed a guy checking out some Watchtower books on the shelves. After a little bit I kindly asked the guy if he knew what he was looking at. His reply was,yes I do, I study lots of things, and I am an ex Jehovah’s Witness.

I thought right away to myself, great, an ex Jehovah’s Witness, this should be a good discussion. Well, through this discussion I found out how he was mistreated from the Watchtower Organization, how he was excommunicated, and now doing his own type of studying and research.

I will say it was a very good and interesting discussion. However, on the other side this man was very deceived in his perspectives concerning the Bible. He has become very sceptical concerning things within the Bible, which at times can be good in regards to truly examining things for ourselves. But this man had some misguided information on lost books of the Bible and how things were translated, and how the early church controlled things on what was considered the Bible.

From this witnessing encounter this man was that like a Gnostic, where he believed he had received secret understandings and knowledge of the Scriptures. He shared even some personal experiences that were not normal, thus validating for himself what he was saying. But in the end he was not on the same page as what it means to be a Christian and true follower of Jesus Christ.

Before the discussion was over I was able to share on a few times with him the gospel message, some good things to check out concerning the evidence for the Scriptures and the early church. His name is Richard and keep him in your prayers for him to come to know Jesus Christ truly and become born again.


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