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Rob Bell is being called a Universalist, Heretic, and a False Teacher because of his book Love Wins

Rob Bell, a liberal voice within the Emergent Church has written a new book called Love Wins that is soon be open for the public to purchase and read.  What is all the hype?  Why are so many Christians and non-Christians getting so emotional over this book?

I have been reading various blogs and sites that are sounding the alarm that Rob Bell is not teaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ and that he is a Universalist and has many heretical teachings.  It seems that Rob Bell’s  new book teaches that there is no hell in the afterlife and in the end love wins, thus all will be saved.  This theological view is known as Universalism.  I am amazed that so many people are now getting rattled when this is nothing new from Rob Bell and his heretical views concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ and hell.

Some time ago Rob Bell wrote a book called Velvet Elvis – Repainting the Christian Faith, which had numerous theological and heretical issues within it.  Some people did take a stand and call it what it was, that it contained false and misleading doctrines.  However many people went on thinking not much of it and believing it was within Christian orthodoxy.  I wrote an article in response to Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis – Repainting the Christian Faith exposing Rob Bell’s false teachings. Check it out.

Last comment for now.  The major difference in Rob Bell’s new book is that he is now coming out and stating what has believed and taught for a long time.  I am happy and sad that he has done this new book.  I am happy because there are many who did not want to believe that Rob Bell was a Universalist and a heretic, and I hope now they will see the truth.  I am sad because Rob Bell has a big influence within the Emergent Church and in the Christian and non – Christian realm, and he will continue to mislead many.

For those who have not seen Rob Bell’s Love Wins video of his new book check out http://www.robbell.com/lovewins/ Feel free to share your comments.


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