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New Calvinism and the Southern Baptist Convention SBC Debate: Statement of the Traditional Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation document

For many years I have been involved with church ministry and in the Apologetics realm. Over the years I have had to address many controversial issues within and outside of the Christian faith, and Calvinism is definitely one of those issues within the Christian faith that is rising more and more. For those whom will read this I want you to know that I do fellowship and serve within an SBC church (Southern Baptist Convention), and my intentions here are not an attack or bash any Calvinists or Arminians. Have you read the Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation? If not you should check it out. click here.

When reading the recent public statement by numerous SBC pastors, leaders, and members I was encouraged in regards to the issue that has been brewing. (to see the list of pastors and leaders and members click here) I also want to share my appreciation and gratitude for those pastors and leaders who have taken the time to make a public declaration concerning those who are becoming more divisive within the Southern Baptist Convention. Below is a quote from the recent document concerning the controversy of the New Calvinism in reference to the SBC.

“The Southern Baptist majority has fellowshipped happily with its Calvinist brethren while kindly resisting Calvinism itself. And, to their credit, most Southern Baptist Calvinists have not demanded the adoption of their view as the standard. We would be fine if this consensus continued, but some New Calvinists seem to be pushing for a radical alteration of this long-standing arrangement.” click here

I cannot say I know all that has been going on within the SBC churches and the controversy of the New Calvinism, but I have been observing the need to address the rise of Calvinism within the SBC in the last 20-30 years.  I have had encounters personally with those whom are of the SBC whom are Calvinist in their perspectives and also with many outside the the SBC.

Personally I have no major issues with those whom are a Calvinist in general, but I do have issues with those whom make the TULIP a salvation issue or cause divisions over it. Over the years I have written various things concerning Calvinism and Arminianism and the gospel message, and for those who wish to know more about our perspective here at BP click here

I welcome feedback from those who are within the SBC and CNBC (Canadian National Baptist Convention) This is an intro into the rising controversial discussion and debate concerning the SBC and Calvinism. I will be writing more addressing Statement and those who are criticizing it.


2 thoughts on “New Calvinism and the Southern Baptist Convention SBC Debate: Statement of the Traditional Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation document

  1. Dear Kelly,
    I don’t understand your comment, ‘calvinist in general’. What does that mean? There is only one type of Calvinist and that is one who holds to TULIP. As Loraine Boettner has stated on p. 59 of his book, The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, “prove any one of them true and all of the others will follow as logical and necessary parts of the system. Prove any one of them false and the whole system must be abandoned.”
    Calvinism is false doctrine. It changes the gospel message and it should be rejected. What the SBC is experiencing is the affects of sitting on the fence and not looking at what Calvinism teaches in reality. Now, they are being forced to deal with it.
    What is amazing is how many Christians say Calvinism is okay, without understanding what it really teaches and its outworking. They don’t understand the consequences of living under false teaching. I spent 3 years in a united reformed church, staunch calvinists, teaching by DA Carson, Michael Horton, etc and nearly killed my faith. Calvinism doesn’t stand alone on the outside just as some fun intellectual exercise, it infiltrates every aspect of the Christian life and drains away the Biblical understanding of how to live, how to treat others, how to view unbelievers from God’s perspective.
    I see from your other articles that you realize that calvinism is false teaching, so from one berean to another brother, why not a hearfelt cry in this post for the SBC to escape the clutches of this false teaching?
    Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

    Posted by Janet | October 28, 2012, 11:51 PM
  2. Hello again Janet, glad you are checking out various articles at our site. In regards to your asking about “Calvinist in general”, here is my full sentence. “Personally I have no major issues with those whom are a Calvinist in general, but I do have issues with those whom make the TULIP a salvation issue or cause divisions over it.” What I mean by that is I have people whom I know and others in general whom are Calvinist in their perspectives on how they view the gospel but they are not making this a salvation issue if a person does not hold completely to the TULIP, nor do they divide over it/cause divisions over it, nor do they have prideful attitudes. I have met many whom are within the Calvinist view whom are very friendly, humble, and are very open to talking things through, even if something is not what they hold to.

    Now I do understand your comments as a whole, for I have encountered what you spoke of and those whom are “staunch”, those are the Pharisees of the gospel message and very domineering over people, which is bad and false, to which I completely agree with you.

    I don’t believe all of what Calvinism teaches is false, and let me clarify that. I do believe there can be a balance with proper understanding from both Calvinism and Arminianism. Please read this article in which I give a detailed Biblical perspective on these issues.

    I am so happy to hear your faith was not killed or lost, as I have heard that from many within various theological perspectives. If after reading this and the link I shared with you, you have some more questions, please share them. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts here.


    Posted by Kelly Powers | October 29, 2012, 3:37 PM

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