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Apologetics is relevant for today, Exposing False Doctrines, Importance of Discipleship – Berean Perspective Podcast

Welcome to the Berean Perspective’s first audio podcast.  Today’s podcast has relevant information concerning the need for genuine Apologetics, exposing false doctrines, and sharing some of my testimony and why we have our online ministry. The focus is on various issues that are causing divisions and why it is important to be rooted in Christ Jesus. (Colossians 2:1-8)

Listen Now

Click here to download audio (right click to “Save As…”)

– Outline below with some of the things discussed today:

  • Bad Apologetics vs Genuine Apologetics
  • Emergent Church
  • Non Christian Cults
  • Christianity Under Attack
  • Word Faith Teachers
  • The Responsibility of a Pastor
  • Discipleship

If you have any comments or questions please share them with us.  We pray that you are encouraged through today’s podcast.

Kelly Powers


One thought on “Apologetics is relevant for today, Exposing False Doctrines, Importance of Discipleship – Berean Perspective Podcast

  1. Good stuff – thanks. “God is not hiding” – nor is the truth – though the world’s under darkness, the good news goes out. Looking forward to the audio ministry.

    Note: I wasn’t aware that all the cults had founders which came from a Christian affiliation background. It doesn’t surprise me, and makes sense seeing as the cults are “rip-offs” that twist the truth into a lie. But I just hadn’t thought about that. There is so much happening today where false preaching is going on in mainstream Christian media, but the false teachers are not being seen as wolves. Could some of today’s false teaching be the beginning of a cult considering how the “established” cults’ began? And yet many Christians don’t consider that, simply because it’s not a large organization at this time?

    Posted by CameronW | November 7, 2012, 3:50 PM

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