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Twisted Scriptures part 1 Was John an anti-Christ, Is Isaiah 53 is about Mary & Liberalism vs Sound Doctrine – Berean Perspective Podcast

Welcome to today’s Berean Perspective Podcast.  In this episode we examine a few conservations that I have had recently that I believe fits what I call “Twisted Scriptures”.  One discussion was about John the apostle being accused of being an anti-Christ and false teacher;  another discussion was a person claiming that the emphasis of Isaiah 53 was not on Jesus being the Messiah but the emphasis was about Mary being the woman; and another discussion I had was with a person stating not to be so narrow minded about Bible Colleges and Christianity, but to be more open to what other faiths teach.

On a positive note I was contacted by a person recently who informed me that he came out of his hardcore views with Calvinism and the TULIP being the gospel, and that our ministry was influential in that process.

Topics Review

  1. Calvinism’s TULIP is not the gospel
  2. Was John the apostle an anti-Christ for teaching a person receives eternal life by believing in Jesus (John 3:14-18) when Jesus taught the man in Matthew 19 to keep the commandments to get eternal life?
  3. Is the emphasis of Isaiah 53 about Mary being the woman or is it about Jesus the Suffering Servant Messiah?  A perplex view of Catholicism Judaism combined!
  4. How important is sound doctrine when considering a Bible College education?  Is it wise for a Christian to go to a College that welcomes many different types of beliefs as truth or should a Christian get connected with a College that is sound in faith and doctrine?

If you have any questions or comments please share them with us here.

Kelly Powers

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