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Got a Question on the Bible, Doctrine, God, Jesus, Cults, Atheism, Islam, etc.?

Got a Question on the Bible, Doctrine, God, Jesus, Cults, Atheism, Islam, etc.?

In today’s world Christianity can be confusing, somewhat disappointing, and at times seem irrelevant.  Some people believe there is no difference between Christianity and the world of Cults.  Others find the belief in a God or a Creator to be illogical, and they might even be content being an atheist. And there are people who are seeking answers on how to know God, and there are people who want to understand the Bible better, and there are people seeking answers to how to know Jesus personally.  If you are one of these people, you are encouraged to share a question here.

  • If you have a question on the bible, on a doctrine, Christianity, or wishing to understand something better
  • Maybe you have a question about someone you know who is involved in a Cult, such as a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, or something else
  • If you are an atheist seeking to know why Jesus matters, if there is evidence to look at for there being a Creator God

You are welcome and encouraged to post a question.


2 thoughts on “Got a Question on the Bible, Doctrine, God, Jesus, Cults, Atheism, Islam, etc.?

  1. OK, here’s my question.

    I’m always told that the only belief to be concerned with is whether someone believes Jesus died for their sins. The more I research the NAR and WOF, and see how pervasive their teachings are, I am conviced they are mostly to blame for people being led away in this day and age. (Whether they know it or not).

    But, if they still believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, then how can we say they are preaching lies? If every doctrine is different except that Christ died for our sins, then how can we label it wrong? I’m asking because as I speak against these movements, I am constantly told that since they are advancing the idea of salvation as belief in Christ, then I should not have an issue with any of their “secondary” doctrines.

    Or, I’m commonly told that just because something is wrong with a teaching does not make it useless. What if a blatantly heretical teacher “introduces” someone to Christ, and they later accept Him as their Savior? Can I really speak out against teachers who do this?

    My belief is that if Christ is the Word, then you cannot preach that Jesus died on the cross for your sins while simultaneously teaching the Word incorrectly or denying it in any instance (if we deny the Word, then don’t we deny Christ?). For example, you cannot accurately teach Christ while denying His stance on homosexuality. To reject any of the Word is to reject Christ.

    But, new believers cannot possibly know everything the Bible says. They may not know that Christ is the Word. Do they get some sort of “pass” for ignorance on the issue? Can they truly be saved in the first place if they later reject biblical teachings because they don’t agree? (i.e. “I don’t think Jesus really thought homosexuality was wrong, because He loves everyone, and I also believe He died for my sins”).

    I’m truly lost in all this. I feel like whenever I say there must be something that differentiates “true” salvation from saying a prayer in youth group, that I’m told I’m adding works to salvation. But, then I see movements like NAR who basically define the anti-christ and I’m told to accept them as just another denomination because they “believe in Jesus” and “love people” and “shouldn’t you be more concerned with loving everyone than judging fellow believers?”

    I’m truly confused with how to proceed because if I try to bring it back to scripture, I’m accused of being legalistic.


    Posted by thebiblediggingdeeper | July 31, 2018, 6:57 PM
  2. Hello “thebiblediggingdeeper” again. I am going to share what I shared in my other post again, as I believe this applies again to what you have shared here. If there something that needs to be answered specifically, please post it again. And maybe have it listed like 1., 2., 3., etc.
    Over the centuries there have been teachers and movements that have put together what they feel is right in how one is determined true or false within Christianity. In how I have approached this in my life, ministry, and experiences, there are 3 things that give a New Testament Biblical test to determine this.

    First, and most obvious is the person and work of Jesus Christ. Does what a person believe or teach line up with who Jesus Christ is, as revealed within the New Testament? For example, Mormon doctrine teaches that Jesus is a spiritual brother of Lucifer, the first to be procreated by a heavenly father and mother in the heavenly realm, and that Jesus learned obedience and through keeping the laws became a God. Assuming from the way you have posted things, you would agree in reading and comparing Mormon Doctrine with what the Bible teaches, the Jesus of Mormonism is another Jesus and a false version. Another spect of Mormonism is that the gospel message is not Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected, and if anyone put their complete trust in Him will be saved and have eternal life. Rather Mormon doctrine teaches that Jesus came to make salvation possible for all, and a person is saved by grace after all they can do, and if someone has not trusted in Jesus in this world they have another chance in the next life to choose, and also don’t forget about the baptism of the dead rituals in which this is also done for as well.

    Secondly, the New Testament Gospels and apostles teach that there Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are united as one. One in nature, eternity, unity, known as the Trinity or Tri-Unity, where as the Bible affirms there one God revealed in 3 personages. Here is another way to examine this in light of the UPCI movement, known as Oneness Pentecostals. They reject the Trinity, reject that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct personages, and in turn they believe the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 3 manifestations of 1 God. Going a step farther they also believe that salvation is by being water baptized in Jesus name only, and not that water baptism is an outward sign of what an inward conversion and that baptism is done in name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So to sum the UPCI up, they reject the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as being 3 distinct personages, and they teach a works based false gospel message for salvation.

    Thirdly, the Bible, the Word of God, God breathed inspired Scriptures for our instruction and well being is a major foundation of the Christian faith. There are people out there in the name of Jesus who do not believe these things, and even deny various things in Scripture as being real and historically relevant, but believe they are stories to motivate people in the right direction. This movement would be known as the Emergent Church, or the Emergence. There are so many things wrong within this movement, doctrine, views, etc. But to stay on point, they as a whole do not regard the Word of God as the Word of God, and twist many things to suite there iching ears.

    So to sum this up. Who is Jesus Christ and what is the gospel message that saves? How does a teacher or movement regard the nature of God as being triune in nature, as one God revealed in the Scriptures through 3 personages? And what is their view on God’s Word? These are the 3 most important things to examine on whether a person or movement is true or false.

    I hope that helps answer what you were asking, and please feel free to ask more.


    P.S. I wish to encourage you, and to keep going in the right direction. You maybe sharing things in your groups, and maybe it is how you are sharing it that might be disconnecting with them. Try to be humble, clear, and specific, and see how that goes. If they reject foundational biblical teachings, pray for them, and try to share in grace with that, the best that you can.

    Posted by Kelly Powers | July 31, 2018, 11:01 PM

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