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Need Help on How to Witness to a Muslim? Evangelism 101 Basics


     Need help on how to witness to a Muslim?  In today’s world sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ with non-Christians is becoming more challenging, whether they are an atheist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, or of some of other religious belief.  If you are a Christian wishing to learn how to be more effective in your personal evangelism with non-Christians around you, that is great to hear, be encouraged.  There are some basic guidelines in personal evangelism for you to know about that will help, whether you are a new Christian or a person who has been a Christian for many years.

     Currently I am in a conversation with a Muslim man, which we have had a few occasions to interact with each other on our beliefs about Christianity and Islam, God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, the Quran, and other things.  Something that I do personally when witnessing to Muslims is to listen to them, not getting argumentative, and try to understand where they are coming from, and share the truth of Jesus with them in grace.[1]  What I have learned over the years is that not all Muslims have the same knowledge of the Bible, Jesus Christ, or exactly what Christians believe.  In fact many Muslims are not familiar with the Bible and it is good to talk with them, to ask them basic questions, to interact with them in love (if possible) and see what they do and don’t know.  At the same time if you are witnessing to Muslims, be prepared on what you believe as a born again Christian, and be familiar with some basics of what Islam officially teaches on Jesus Christ, and if possible be a little familiar with the Quran.[2]

     Here are some suggestions for you to be ready and more prepared when witnessing to Muslims.  To start off, be in prayer for yourself, praying for you to be growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ Jesus in your life.[3] And when you pray, be praying for the Lord to be working in that Muslim or Muslims life, and that seeds would be planted.[4] Prayer is important in our personal lives, for us to acknowledge God in the spiritual realm, asking for wisdom and guidance, for protection and safety against spiritual attacks, and to be trusting in the Lord.[5] Along with prayer, Christians should know who Jesus is in their life, and be ready to share the gospel message with those who ask, be ready to share our testimony, and explain how that person can know Jesus personally and be saved.[6] Another important aspect of witnessing to Muslims is having a good understanding of what the Bible teaches on who Jesus is, salvation, and the after life.[7] 

     These are basic things in learning how to witness to Muslims and non-Christians, and to be more effective in your personal evangelism.  With that being said, be encouraged, and know that these things take time in the Lord to learn by experiences, along with patience, and trusting in the Lord.  As Christians we need to be in prayer seeking the Lord to use the body of Christ to be labourers and witnesses of Jesus Christ all around the world.[8]

     Evangelism today is decreasing in Christianity, particularly in North America.  Some Christians feel intimidated, some don’t know what to share or how to witness to people of different beliefs, and some have lost focus of Jesus in their lives, and some simply have not been encouraged to let others know why Jesus matters.  How can this be changed?  This can be changed through prayer, through discipleship training and studies, and through encouragement and support.  If you have any questions or have any comments you wish to share, please do so. 


Kelly Powers

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

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