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A Star is Born 2018 with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga – Review of Ending with Alcoholism, Depression, and Suicide

Review of the Ending Concerning Suicide, Alcoholism, and Depression
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There was much anticipation of watching A Star is Born with actors Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. People talked about how rich, deep, and amazing this film was, but I had no idea what the ending was going to be. First, let me say that the film itself had many good and heart felt moments, with very good singing, but the last 15 minutes was not expected and frankly very disturbing. The ending of A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper committing suicide was extremely sad, tragic, horrible, and those who have had family or friends who have committed suicide know exactly what I am talking about.

I don’t want to waste time or space here, I was extremely emotional towards the ending of A Star is Born when I realized that Bradley Cooper was going to commit suicide. There was no hint of this in the trailers, I did not even read about this, and this was not in any of the previous movies. If I knew about this I would have not watched the movie. For me this hit home because I had someone extremely close in my life commit suicide years ago. There is so much to talk about concerning suicide that there is not enough space on the internet to address how sad this issue is and how it has become more normal these days.

The reality of suicide not only hurts those close to that person, but also has ripple affects in who they associate with, what they watch and read. Many people don’t understand how suicide is so heartbreaking for those who were close to that person, but even more for that person who committed suicide. I do not know if actors Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga realize how the ending will effect people, and if they did why did they do it?

The ending of A Star is Born was shocking, sad and painfully emotional. Honestly I was upset, in tears, and not happy. It did not address emotional support or how to help those in suicidal depression. Now maybe I am alone in this, I really don’t know who else out there was hurt emotionally by watching this film. Immediately I thought of my loved one who committed suicide years ago and thought to myself, why did they have this movie ending? It makes no sense. Did they have a purpose with no purpose? Did they not realize this would affect people emotionally and not in a good way?

We live in a world where people are hurting, in pain, depressed, and at times they really do not want to live on. For many of them they don’t know how to reach out to others. At times there are signs and they are missed. In either side we all need to be more aware of those around us, and show love, respect, and be there for another. In a world that is more and more self centred, prideful, money driven, more people ponder suicide, and that is the sad reality. Suicide is not the answer, it is the opposite of the answer.

This is the first time I have written anything like this at the Berean Perspective. This shock me up a bit tonight, and I needed to write somethings out. I don’t know how this will speak to each of you who read this. I do hope that if you are struggling in life with depression, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, whatever, that you do not give up on life but talk to someone around you that cares for you. What I do know is that God loves you, Jesus cares for you, He is the answer, and if you don’t know Him personally He is waiting for you. If you want to know Jesus personally please leave a comment, send an email. or speak with someone you know who is a born again Christian that can love you and share the good news of Jesus with you.

In closing A Star is Born movie with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was well done up to the last 15 minutes. There was bad language and some sexual scenes, which I am not saying was good just to be clear. But in comparison to other movies it was toned down more than others. I sure I am not the only one who was saddened and upset on how the ending went, the shock of it, and how the film did not address suicide in an informative way. What did you think?

Kelly Powers

Berean Perspective Apologetics


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