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Why Youth Leave The Church: 2 Young Christians Share Why They Left The Church

Real life honest discussion talking with 2 young Christians sharing why they left the church. Statistics say 80% of youth and young people leave the church after high school, but what are the reasons?  The reasons why young Christians, youth, young adults, boys or girls, young men or young women leave the church will vary but there are common answers among them.  Some of the main reasons that were shared in this discussion was that churches are judgmental, cliquish, their beliefs on homosexuality, and others.



How can youth be reached?  What can pastors, leaders, and churches do better to reach the youth and young adults?  In this live open and honest interview conversation there are a few things that youth pastors and churches need to learn on how to reach the youth today in a world of confusion, depression, sexual immorality, loneliness, and false teachings leading young people away from fellowship at a church, from Jesus and the gospel.   There is where Christian Apologetics can be very helpful in reaching the youth and speaking into their lives that connects with them where they are at, and helps them be prepared for the world and their future.

1. We need mentors to invest quality time in the youth and young adults lives.  2. Youth and young adults need to be taught the Bible in ways that are relevant to them in grace and truth.  3. Youth need to know that they are valued, important, and that their lives matter.  Youth pastors and youth ministry needs to build and invest time in young people lives, helping them understand the gospel message of Jesus Christ  for them to trust and know Jesus personally, to teach them how to study and read the Bible for themselves, and encourage them to grow in God’s grace and love in ways that they reflect Jesus to a lost and hurting world.

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If you have any questions please share them in a respectful way.
Lord bless you and thank you for watching this video.  

Kelly Powers
Berean Perspective Apologetics

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