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Friday Night Apologetics: What is the Gospel? Examining Saved by Faith Alone and Saved by Faith Plus Works

The question of how are we saved is the main Bible doctrine that separates Christianity from cults, religions, traditions of men, legalistic denominations, and if I am saved by faith alone or faith plus works has been a debate in the Christian church since the beginning of the early church. Does the Bible teach we are saved by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ or saved by faith plus works in Jesus Christ? In this week’s Friday Night Apologetics show Apologist Kelly Powers and Rev. & Theologian John Crawford examine what the Bible teaches on what the gospel of Jesus Christ is and what the gospel of Jesus Christ is not.

What does faith alone mean? Faith alone means that you are saved by believing in Jesus Christ death and resurrection from the dead, that your salvation was paid for through His atonement and shed blood on cross, that Jesus defeated sin and death through His resurrection, and that your trust in Him alone to be saved apart from works. What does the Bible teach about works and what kind of works are Christians to do? Works according the Bible are a result of our salvation in Christ in which we are changed, sanctified, conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, and through the work of the Holy Spirit in us and guiding we will be Jesus witnesses to those around us. We do not earn or get saved by doing good works, but doing good works is what we called to do to help people with needs, to be lights in a dark world, and through our actions be Jesus witnesses that points people to gospel that leads them to salvation.

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Berean Perspective Apologetics https://rootedinchrist.org/ Apologist & Evangelist Kelly Powers

Point of Defense https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMME605WLKHMBrafZ2PLBxA Rev. & Theologian John Crawford


One thought on “Friday Night Apologetics: What is the Gospel? Examining Saved by Faith Alone and Saved by Faith Plus Works

  1. According to Jesus in John 6:28-29, belief or faith is a work of man. Therefore since faith is a work of man, then man cannot be saved faith alone. Galations 2:12 says that baptism is the work of God, and it is our faith in that work that saves us when we submit to it.

    Posted by Gib Guymer | August 2, 2020, 2:21 PM

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