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How to be a Christian in Today’s World with Schools, Media, and Religions that Attack Christianity

How can I be a Christian when professors in colleges, students in schools, media, work, family, friends, and different false religions and Cults attack Christianity? There are many people, college professors, media, movie actors, musicians, students in schools, false world religions, cults, atheists, and others who attack the Bible claiming it is full of contradictions, Bible is full of fairytales and myths, claim there is no proof God exists, slander and mock the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians need to learn what it means to be a Christian, now to live the Christian life in a world full of hate, discrimination, opposition, and learn from mentors, pastors, get discipleship, study God’s Word the Bible, learn Christian apologetics, learn how to share the gospel with unbelievers atheists non Christians, how to explain how to become a Christian, seek the LORD for direction.

Be careful of online false information from atheist websites, evolution websites, media biased false information, college professors that criticize the Bible and Christianity, non Christian cults like Jehovah’s Witnesses Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints) Oneness Pentecostals Seventh Day Adventists Word Faith Preachers Muslims, and others. Christians need to learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, Bible doctrines on who God is, the Trinity doctrine, the gospel of Jesus Christ, what the Bible is historically and prophetically, and get rooted equipped in their faith.

Weekly Live Friday Night Apologetics show with different guests each week on various topics like Christianity, Trinity Doctrine, Bible doctrines, different beliefs, debates, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Roman Catholics, etc https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDPWBmzh2RPvI9maSNKfFeEvVvq-MCbAg

Weekly Live Berean Perspective Questions & Answers on Tuesday’s Guests Can Come on the Show Ask Questions on Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Christianity, Roman Catholics, Atheism, Cults, Bible Doctrines, and more https://youtu.be/4hs6WpY2Pbg

Must Watch Jehovah’s Witness Becomes Christian! A recorded interview with Ex Jehovah’s Witness Sharing Testimony Leaving the Watchtower and Converts to Christianity becomes born again Christian https://youtu.be/8ohWQw-GvR0

How to Lead a Jehovah’s Witness to Jesus Christ in 3 Minutes https://youtu.be/5fs2FRbskKQ

How to Effectively Reach and Witness and Reach Mormons with the Gospel of Jesus Christ Effectively https://youtu.be/WBdpHV-zO2c

Berean Perspective Apologetics https://rootedinchrist.org/

Kelly Powers


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