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Christian and Mormon Discuss Differences of Christianity and Mormonism

Live recorded discussion with a Christian and a Mormon talking on Trinity, God, LDS Godhead, was God the Father once a man who became a God, and men can become Gods. This is how to have a conversation and talk with Latter Day Saints and Mormon Missionaries in a respectful manner. We talked about what does the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints believe and teach about God, the Trinity, Jesus, the Gospel, Salvation, Heaven, Hell, the Bible and the Book of Mormon, etc. A discussion on the differences of Christianity and Mormonism, prophet Joseph Smith of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, and more. To learn how to effectively witness to Mormons and Mormon Missionaries check links below.

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How to Effectively Witness to Mormon Missionaries: What to Know – What to Ask – What to Share https://youtu.be/xgtTg9kFTEI

Live Discussion Talking to Mormon Missionaries on Joseph Smith Plagiarized the Holy King James Bible https://youtu.be/THp3kVBL33A

Live Discussion Talking to Mormon Missionaries on Why the Gospel of Mormonism is Another Gospel https://youtu.be/kN4ZBQV43yw

Christian Witnessing to Mormon Bishop and 3 Mormon Missionaries https://youtu.be/nl9miaojTgM

Christian vs Mormon Debate the Trinity vs LDS Godhead https://youtu.be/Q4VGS0OSYP4

Christian Destroys and Debunks Mormonism in Christian vs Mormon Debate https://youtu.be/LX4SrHI8b-g

How to Effectively Witness to Mormons and Latter Day Saints Asking 3 Questions https://youtu.be/i2YzLkYTBDI

Berean Perspective website www.rootedinchrist.org

Kelly Powers


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