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 10498506_10152567107895180_1438743359536694095_oKELLY POWERS – Christian Apologist:  I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 6 and from a young age my Christian faith has grown over the years.  One of the main reasons for my interest in defending the faith (Christian Apologetics) came about from a friend who supposedly became a Christian just after we graduated high school who then later became a Mormon.   It was through this experience that God changed my life and gave me such a passion for the Word of God, truth and a desire to be witness to those without Christ.  Sometime around 1991 was when I started studying Christian Apologetics in the areas of theology, non Christian cults, denominations, and various beliefs that come against Christianity.  Over the years I have been involved with various types of churches such as Calvary Chapel, Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church, and the Southern Baptist Conference.  God has used me to equip the body of Christ in various areas such as children’s, youth and outreach ministries, evangelism, teaching, preaching, eldership, discipleship, and serving where He leads.  My wife and I started our online Christian Apologetics ministry back in 2000 which has been growing ever since.  We have seen many come to know Christ and many grow in Christ. (Currently enrolled with Trinity Bible College and Theological Seminary, taking classes towards a B. A. in Christian Apologetics)

Lord bless,

Kelly Powers, Christian Apologist and Follower of Jesus Christ





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