10498506_10152567107895180_1438743359536694095_oKELLY POWERS:  I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 6 and from a young age my Christian faith has grown over the years.  One of the main reasons for my interest in defending the faith came about from a friend who supposedly became a Christian just after we graduated high school who then later became a Mormon.   It was through this experience that God changed my life and gave me such a passion for the Word of God, truth and a desire to be witness to those without Christ.  Sometime around 1991 was when I started studying areas of theology, non Christian cults, denominations, and various beliefs that come against Christianity.  Over the years I have been involved with various types of churches such as Calvary Chapel, Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church, and the Southern Baptist Conference.  God has used me to equip the body of Christ in various areas such as children’s, youth and outreach ministries, evangelism, teaching, preaching, eldership, discipleship, and serving where He leads.  My wife and I started our online Christian apologetics ministry back in 2000 which has been growing ever since.  We have seen many come to know Christ and many grow in Christ.


TIM COLLETTI:  I came from a family that believed in God, but did not attend church on a regular basis. At the age of 16, I decided to become baptized after being led by God to do so. After many years of lukewarm Christianity, I finally came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 27 and have grown in my Christian faith ever since.   In 2001, I became very interested in defending the faith (Christian Apologetics) after having various email exchanges with a Jehovah’s Witness. It made me realize that there were certain groups that were preaching a false Christ and a false gospel, and I wanted to learn all I could to help defend the Christian faith against that.

In 2004, while researching some other groups online I met Kelly Powers for the first time. Since that time he has become one of my best cyber-friends on the internet. Although we have never met in person, I feel very close to him as a brother in Christ, and have grown in my knowledge of defending the faith through our friendship.  After a few years, my increased knowledge of the word of God and Christian Apologetics led me to create my own online ministry called “Truth for Christ”  to help educate people on what I have learned throughout the years.  After many years of being in fellowship with different churches, my family and I have established a relationship with an independent Baptist Church that is rooted in the word of God and Christian Apologetics. I thank God everyday for leading us there. It has been very refreshing to be associated with a congregation that has not been affected by the liberalism of today’s society.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned with the readers of the Berean Perspective who may be struggling with their faith or who are interested in learning about Christian Apologetics.

ROBERT HOGUE:  By Gods grace I was born into a family of committed Christians and came to understand my need for Salvation at an early age.  My Grandfather was a Baptist Pastor and my earliest memories of life in our household are all tightly connected to the activities of church.  Growing up in this environment allowed me to continually learn about God and understand what the Bible teaches.  When I was six years old I became aware of my inability to do the good things that I knew were right and was convicted of my sinful condition.  I recognized my personal need for a Saviour and called on Jesus Christ to be Lord of my life.

My life has continued to revolve around being involved in the church and serving Christ.  As a Child I found fulfillment and fun by participating in the many different activities made available to me via Sunday school, Christian Service Brigade, Youth Ministry and Bible Camps.  During hardships and challenges I grew to depend on God to see me through whatever difficulties arose and now thank Him for using those times of trouble to mould me and strengthen my commitment to Him.  Today I seek to actively serve my church in whatever ways I can.  Currently I am involved with providing oversight to our church’s Care Ministry and sit on our Board of Church Management as well as assisting with our Discipleship and Mens Ministries.

God has seen fit to bless me with a beautiful wife and two loving children who continually remind me just how mortal I am.  I have always been passionate about studying the Bible and over the years I have immersed myself in Eschatology, compared the various religions of the world with Christianity and studied the issues relating to Evolution and our interpretation of the book of Genesis.  Currently my focus is directed at discerning the pathology of the deception which has taken hold of so many churches, for example the embrace of New Age spirituality, so as to understand the past deficiencies in our teaching of Scripture and correct this error by preaching the whole counsel of God.

RYAN BANMAN:  I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ during the in the fall of 2003.  God saved me from a life of drugs, drunkenness, and debauchery; complete depravity. In repentance and faith I turned to Jesus Christ and He made me a new creation according to His promise and by His great work upon the cross.

As I was reading through the letter to the Thessalonians, what Paul wrote to them just hit me.  “Your faith toward God has gone forth, so that we have no need to say anything.” (1 Thes 1:8)  I pray that God’s word may go forth from us so much so that Paul would be pleased to know that where we are, the gospel is being preached and he wouldn’t need to be there to do so. Also, that “God entrusted us with the gospel, not to please men, but God.” (1 Thes 2:4).  So I take serious the command to preach the gospel and defend the faith.

God has given to me a heart for the study of His sacred scriptures, to uphold the truth that He has entrusted with us. His gospel is so extremely precious, and there are wolves out there that would readily destroy it and prevent others from hearing of His salvation.  The Church must stand firm in the faith and defend the truth of the gospel until Jesus’ glorious return.  I am married, have 2 children, and I love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with people and discussing the Scriptures.


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