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Christianity Is Being Destroyed: What Are The Top 3 Problems Destroying Christianity?

Christianity is being destroyed by these top 3 problems that most people don’t want to know the truth! Can you trust your religion, your family, your friends, or social media? What are the dangers of social media, problems with Christianity and religions, fake news in politics, and censorship with Christians? What does the Bible teach … Continue reading

Reminded of the Dangers of Mid Acts False Theology and Doctrines

Sometimes it is hard to stay focused and on track in the Christian faith and the following reminds me of why we have the Berean Perspective site online:  “I remember I found your site when I was looking for information about ultra -dispensationalism.  I had attended a bible study for about a year, that had me so confused.  … Continue reading

Why Be Concerned With Mid Acts Dispensationalism?

Some people are not aware of the dangers of this movement, and the purpose of this information is to share why people need to be concerned with Mid Acts Dispensationalism. What do I mean by Mid Acts Dispensationalism? There are different groups that people label Mid Acts Dispensationalism and I want to make it clear … Continue reading

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