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Christianity Is Being Destroyed: What Are The Top 3 Problems Destroying Christianity?

Christianity is being destroyed by these top 3 problems that most people don’t want to know the truth! Can you trust your religion, your family, your friends, or social media? What are the dangers of social media, problems with Christianity and religions, fake news in politics, and censorship with Christians? What does the Bible teach … Continue reading

Mormonism is not a Cult according to Richard J. Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary

According to Richard J. Mouw, Mormonism is not a Cult.  Richard Mouw has had his eyes blinded concerning Mormonism.  This is of great concern for the body of Christ and the message of the gospel because Richard J. Mouw is the president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena.  The reason why this is a concern is … Continue reading

Audio Podcasts – Teachings on Christian Apologetics and Cults and Movements

We are back online with Audio Podcasts on Christian Apologetics, Cults, and Religious Movements.  We will provide these audio podcasts for people to listen online for free. —>>> Check out what we have online at Berean Perspective Podcasts Our audio podcasts will be on various topics pertaining to the Christian faith and those in opposition to … Continue reading

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